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"Loki is more like the god of misunderstood pain."

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This clip. Is one of my favorite Loki moments of all time.

Because as crazy as he’s gone since, we have to remember that Loki used to be the sane one. Like, the only sane guy in the room. Even at his schemiest (totes a word, shut up) and most mischievous, he was the smart one, the quiet one, the one who just really wished Thor would NOT.

And you know what they say about the quiet ones, when they finally do snap…

Never forget facepalming Loki. He’s still in there, somewhere. We hope.

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Loki telling Tom to kneel

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my favorite part of Tom’s appearance: the fans respect him and Loki’s character so much that they’re willing to actually give him power over them. Every single time he silenced the crowd with just a finger over his lips, it got quiet in 2 seconds flat whereas it usually takes celebrities a while to calm people. And when he told people to kneel, the actually fucking kneeled. 

You know that’s actually fucking scary as shit.

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I love his helmet love.

This turns me on so much. I can’t even.

why is it a she, though?

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He is a combination of mercurial intellectual ability, emotional ambiguity, rakish charm, charisma and provocative wit. He has a wicked inclination to mischief, underneath which is a well of spiritual pain. Both these aspects are central to his depth as a character: his unashamed and perverse delight in creating chaos; and his capacity for raw emotional expression.” (x)

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screencap meme: loki + sexual frustration: requested by allthefandomfeelings

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